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Don’t pusourate. But the lessons are gorgeous and very helpful. It is very well planned and the selection of topics are very nice. Thank you so much. Although you are registering for the English Speech Course, you can also learn knowledge and techniques that will be very useful in English conversation area by following these sample courses. People in our country say I want to speak English but the back of these sentences are empty. Why don’t you understand why most people don’t understand that most people are reading, the sentence can not write the summer pattern.

So you’re going to run a person in this situation and what will we do. As for such students, I do not understand that you hear that you are not meant to be one-sided, this is the joy of this work but the pain is also a side. The more detailed talent ranking helps you evaluate your own English level or assess a teacher’s student’s level. For example, a student at the B1 English level can do all the things at a level A2 and in addition to: It can exchange ideas about dreams with personal and professional hopes related to the future.

It can organize a job interview within the scope of the expertise and participate in a job interview. You can talk about the TV programs that are generally followed and the most liked on TV. Can explain about the training and future educational plans he received. He can talk to his favorite music and music trends and plan to listen to live music where to go to the evening. How to talk about how a healthy lifestyle can be sustained and may receive ideas about healthy living habits.

He can go to the restaurant, order food, can join a politely dinner chat and pay the fare of the food. It can participate in negotiations within the scope of the expertise provided to be assisted in understanding some issues.

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